April 10, 2012

Brown Sugar 1&2 / Nam Tan Daeng 1&2 (2010) [Uncut]

File info:
Category: Erotic Drama
Country: Thailand
Runtime: [1. 01;15;22] [2. 01;18;24]
Language: Thai
Director: Sart Tanjareon, Surawat Chupol, Pratchaya Lampongchat, Anurak Chanlongsin
Cast: Anna Reese, Atis Amornwetch, Lakana Wattanawongsiri, Prakasit Bowsuwan

Brown Sugar 1 - contains 6 short erotic stories of love, greed, wrath, and obsession that blend in various genres like thriller, action, drama, romance and comedy.

Brown Sugar 2 – featuring 3 new erotic short stories from 6 different directors. Each tale focuses on different aspects of love, be it jealousy, betrayal, or plain lust:

Movie 1: Featuring a young blind man, who stays rooted to a wooden chair in front of a window, reading from a Braille book in his lap, Trisadee mostly deals with sensual sounds. The wind blows through the window, making the lace curtains billow and flap. It's an old house with a leaky roof, so there's lots of echoing water drops. And a steam locomotive is heard chugging nearby, though it's explained in the dialog that there's construction going on nearby.

Movie 2: Chuphol, is a young man returning to his rural home province after the death of his beloved aunt. Conveniently and confusingly, he's met by his older cousin, who looks just like the aunt he had the hots for as a boy.

Movie 3: It's about a busy guy and gal who are always on the go and can never seem to connect who are looking for the meaning of love. Everything he touches turns to dust. This allows for interminable scenes of leaves falling in slow motion, and each time he tries to catch a leaf, it bursts into millions of tiny particles.

Video: DVDRip, MP4, H.264, 720x400, ~1650 kb/s
Audio: AAC, 6 ch, ~365 kb/s
Size: [1: 1.07 Gb] [2: 1.08 Gb]

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